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Few things can be as frightening as the possibility that a loved one will be removed from the United States because of an immigration violation.  Sometimes an individual is placed in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody following an arrest for traffic or other criminal violations, and is then served with a Notice to Appear (NTA) charging grounds of removability.  An individual who is lawfully in the U.S. may also be served with an NTA charging that he or she is inadmissible upon returning from a visit abroad, sometimes because of something that may have happened years earlier.


No matter what led to the situation, it is crucial to consult an attorney early on in the process so that the authorities can be contacted and any available relief can be sought.  Depending on the nature of the charges, the individual’s background and family situation, and various other factors, it may be possible to obtain relief in immigration court that will allow the individual to remain in the U.S.


If an individual is still detained, it is important to consult an attorney quickly in order to determine if it is possible for the individual to be released on bond while awaiting court.  ICE holds individuals at various facilities in several states, and an attorney can help locate and communicate with them during their detention. Check our “Resources” section for links including ICE facility information and the Online Detainee Locator.


Successful removal defense can be expensive and take months or even years.  While Daniel Thomann, P.C. is committed to pro bono work, this is typically done through organizations.  If you are a person of limited means you should contact an organization that provides this type of assistance at reduced or no charges.  It is important to obtain representation in these types of proceedings.  Individuals who are not represented by an attorney and sign removal orders in order to expedite the process or save money could face serious criminal and immigration consequences in the future.


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