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There are many reasons why you could need an immigration attorney after becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) of the United States. For example, you may wish to apply for naturalization in order to become a US citizen, you may need to renew or replace your Green Card, or you may wish to file a petition for a relative to immigrate to the United States.


An LPR may also need an immigration attorney as a result of contact with law enforcement or immigration officers. It is possible for an LPR to lose his or her status and be placed in removal (deportation) proceedings, or be denied entry to the US when returning from a trip abroad.


If you are an LPR who has been accused of committing a crime and thinking of entering into a plea agreement with the state, you should consult an immigration attorney about the possible immigration consequences in order to prevent removal from the United States, as well as to avoid future difficulties when applying for naturalization or traveling abroad. If you are an LPR who has just learned that something in your criminal history has an immigration consequence, you should contact a “post-conviction relief” attorney promptly to see what options you may have.


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