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When an individual is in ICE custody it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible in order to determine what options may be available and whether release on an immigration bond is possible. A person’s criminal and immigration history will play a major role in whether he or she will get to see an immigration judge as well as if and when they will be released from custody. ICE does not usually consider proximity to family in deciding where a person will be detained, and prompt attorney involvement may be the best way to ensure that a loved one is not transferred to another part of the country for the duration of their case.


It is important when a loved one is in ICE custody to keep perspective on what one’s objectives are. Immediate release is a crucial goal whenever possible, but the long-term consequences can be even more important. In order to get out of custody, some people agree to “sign their deportation” or “sign for voluntary departure” – without realizing that they are agreeing to every negative consequence of deportation. Other people are so focused on getting out of custody that they ask an immigration judge for voluntary departure despite having a chance to remain in the United States after a hearing.


It is crucial for an immigration attorney to be clear and realistic about options – with a detained person’s family but more importantly with the detained person – in order to help everyone make the best decision for their situation.


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