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Immigration Appeals

appealing an adverse immigration ruling


Any time an immigration benefit is denied it is important to determine if an appeal is possible.  Because immigration law is complex and very technical, it is not uncommon for benefits to be denied because of an error in an application or because of an error by the immigration authorities.  Failure to appeal an incorrect decision can have negative consequences and eliminate some immigration benefits that would otherwise be available.


Individuals in immigration court should consult an attorney if they face an adverse ruling by an immigration judge in order to determine what appeal rights they may have.  Sometimes appeals are made at the Board of Immigration Appeals and sometimes in the United States Courts.  Sometimes an incorrect ruling can be decisive in the outcome of a case, and if it is not appealed an individual may be wrongly detained or removed from the United States.


Because the time in which one can appeal the denial of an application or a decision by a judge is limited, it is important to contact an attorney early in order to determine what options exist when a benefit is denied and what the proper type of appeal is.


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